Monday, May 24, 2010

*cache creek*

cache creek, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
when i lived in woodland, the best thing about the whole experience was being so close to the foothills and being about to explore all the county back roads and day trip spots.

taking woodland's main st. through and follow the signs to highway 16...cache creek is probably my favorite little drive through the area. you roll out of the back of woodland to BAM!  hills, vinyards, pastoral scenes, mountain cliffs and rushing creeks. really really pretty. i have driven all my good friends out to check it out over the years and even been to a wedding held there eons ago. it's really very pretty this time of year. i always make the same lame joke about pulling over at the casino for an hour and i'll be right never gets old. yesterday i sweet talked the camp ground host and he let us play without the day-use fee. {sorry i didn't feel like paying the $6 but you probably won't be so lucky so come with some cash lol}. just be sure to choose the middle campsite to access the "beach" and there is a playground for the little ones. there is also some great hiking but i would do that with adults only, personally. with kids it's just the right amount of time in the car with a great payoff at the end. plus we stopped at sonic for tater tots and a cherry slush...we don't have a sonic in sacramento and apparently i needed that sugar water and horrible brain freeze. :)

happy monday and go on a sunday drive with some people you love soon!