Thursday, May 27, 2010

*cadet lucy*

that's my girl, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
in the vegan police academy, that is. see her little name on one of the "no" faces? she may be on the autism spectrum, but she definitely knows her stuff. last night was her open house, and all day long she was excited up until two feet from the classroom door. this is where she realized a hole from our universe was about to be punctured into hers and she was not so happy to share her world with her family. fair enough, but we still stayed for a while and collected all her work, chit-chatting with other parents and her teacher. she has made us all proud this year with her progress and i am scared and excited for her kindergarten next year...she is going to regular class with pull-outs for speech. yay!

we were lucky enough this year to have a classroom staff that supported lucy's veganism, i pray next year we are as lucky. lucy is pretty good at 5.5 yrs at knowing the inherent vegan-ness of most things ("marshmallows have cow" and "gummy worms are NOT VEGAN" haha she's funny. i end up sending a box of annies vegan gummies, and hope for the best. apparently gummy-chewy treats are great for speech therapy, not so great for their teeth!) and she loves her laptop lunchbox bento system for the lunches i send. she tells people about being vegan and says "some people eat animals but we don'" *aw my little vegan warrior-in-training!*

as for other vegan warrior...our soon to be 6th grader, if the school district gods smile upon us there will be room (at the school lucy attends now for her special ed) for both her and her sister (the school is k-8). lyric's independent study is going ok, but this 6-8 program is right up her alley. i won't know for the next month or the indecision and uncertainty is KILLING me. even the contact at the school district said our home school "would probably not meet lucy's needs", and just so happens to be the SAME school i pulled my gifted girl out of. it certainly didn't meet our needs then, and i don't think lucy's will be addressed with satisfaction.

the whole intra-district procedure is making me a crazy lady. let's hope hard it works out...i don't have a plan b! DOH!