Monday, May 31, 2010

*beans-n-potato salad*

beans and potato salad, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
i used to be so gross...i would eat cold pork & beans cold, straight out of the can, although i avoided the little white "thing". *shudders* now that i am happily free of weirdo animal ingredients i am also happy at the selection of vegetarian baked beans you can find now. nothing is better than my own (veganized from the way mom would make it. nothing low fat about her version with all that mayo!) potato salad paired with a can o' beans. the two side dishes must be touching and mixing on my plate for the ultimate picnic/bbq/summer meal experience. i think it would be very easy and delicious to make the baked beans from scratch but there is something about the canned version...reminds me of opening cans with the automatic opener as a kid trying to be a helper in the kitchen with mom. her from the hip, working class dinners were always delicious, if not always the most healthy in our 70's and 80's dolly madison and wonder bread influenced world. i think she would approve of my potato salad and of all of the other things she taught me unknowingly in the kitchen. :)

happy memorial day, i hope yours was as relaxing and interesting start to summer just as it was for us!