Monday, May 17, 2010

*lovin' in my oven*

vegan drop biscuits, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
mondays need baked goods. chilly over-cast mondays need daiya vegan cheese baked goods! :)

basically i have a thing against perfect circle biscuits, so in our house we do "lazy drop biscuits" that take less time to mix, bake and snarf up in my face until all gone. i used the recipe from the new farm cookbook (four pantry staple ingredients thank you for simple cooking) plus a heaping handful of daiya chedder shreds mixed in at the end. literally 15 minutes later i am rubbing my food baby and hella happy on a food high.*

*i feel kinda bad, these weren't GF so shawn just tasted them. but he gave the thumbs up and reminded me we were out of gluten free flour for the 10th time today. :)