Tuesday, May 18, 2010

*snail patrol*

pennies, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
the internet told me that copper repels snails. hmmm. my quest for organic gardening while practicing ahimsa has been a challenge due to our apparent snail infestation. my cantaloupe plant gave up the ghost today due to the slimy little buggers. i know they are natures custodians, but they need to slime right on by my crop if you know what i am saying. you should see my patio and front walk after it rains. i mean it's kinda...gross. and these aren't just wee little lads--i have never seen such sizes on regular garden/yard snails in my life. EW.

so i made little copper fairy rings around the smaller plants that are getting the brunt and said a little prayer. however, my night time vigil of going out and stalking them in the act will continue until i actually see this penny thing working or they seem to go just away. i said today i could use one of those hands-free little miner hat lights so i can tweak around my garden efficiently in the dark night, and i am kinda not kidding. i really could use one :)