Wednesday, August 01, 2007

hello carpal tunnel!

one of the highlights of handmade bazaar was that someone was giving away mounds of free vintage acrylic yarn. JOY! i made off with a serious amount. groovy color combos, stuff they just don't make anymore. so last night i started the wonderous task of making scarves! no time like the present, plus i need to just wind down and crocheting does that for me in spades. especially when i am not under a time crunch or special order, i actually really love to do it.

i am hoping to get a few out and ready for their little loveable appliques sooner than later. :)

i can't believe it is august already. i am thinking...BACK TO SCHOOL, but now is the time. i want to do more day of the dead skulls for sure. i am going to list the ones i have left (i did some listing today on my site, etsy is having..uh, technical problems with uploading picures so they can suck it since they fixed the auto-charge and i got whammied with a huge bill yesterday!) today and also filter in more neckaces as the day progresses.

listing is drudgery. and if i have to take and process pictures, like i have had to do already it really sucks up the day. i also have to go get dog food, but that is besides the point. ARGHHHHH!

ok. back to work! :)