Thursday, August 30, 2007

alberta arts street fair tonight!

yeah yeah i know i swore no more shows but this doesn't count. this is just cruise in and grab up some concrete in a true street vendor style. and i am just bringing pendants. lots of pendants. $15 ea or 2 for $25. see? i won't have to mess with 1's! genius. plus i only have a few five to spare for change ha ha. :)

above are some pix of a few (ha FEW? i busted out all of these minus 3 or 4 only!) for sale tonight. if it is a bust and i come home empty handed i am running a sale and will list these for the weekend.

sunday is foodfight!'s anniversary party and that is what the flyer is for. i have been sadly neglecting all the places i could be flyering...vegan and non-vegan hangouts with bulletin boards. duh! not a genius manoeuvre.anyway, i am handing out flyers with coupons to friends and new friends alike at the paartaay. sounds like a lot of fun!