Wednesday, August 15, 2007

am i ready for readymade?

i am taking a huge plunge and placing an ad in the oct/nov issue of readymade's gallery section. it is a great deal for the print ad itself plus the online version plus the holiday shopping guide through january. *gulp* am i ready for this? the rep said it has 250K readers. uh, yeah...i am just going to do it. only something good could come out of it and i am on such a role with wholesale accounts i would really love more. i just did a round of ads on myspace and livejournal, so i could use some sales at both shops. i am four sales out of my big 100 woo on etsy, and i am looking to get that out of the way. i had some sales on the site but you can see the etsy stats! ha ha i would like it to be the big 1-0-0 for kicks and giggles.

i am meeting with cari from motokitty on saturday to sell some pendants. i need to pick up some more plated necklaces, she wants them on the chain. i will be in production this afternoon and evening for her order...that is if i get off the computer and quit fighting with photoshop. photoshop and i are well, like oil and water. we don't quite mix.

i took some cute pictures of the kitten, but my batteries died and i am charging them for later. i hope to have some new pendants to show off. :) my friend stacey from bossyboots gave me yet another fat bag of vintage scraps and this had some really great fabric in there. i am excited to see what comes out. i also have some new hairpins to photograph for the presents of mind order. she was so nice that i had to reschedule--her family was visiting from out of town anyway so it was totally ok that i could not come in yesterday. we are shooting for next week and i am just dropping the in other words in the mail until i can get time to go in and look around uninterrupted. she also was too cool about my troubles and tribulations with our car. we are working all that out today and should be all good by the weekend. car trouble bites! :( but it can't rain on my parade about all the good stuff that is happening with NFB. i have to maintain a positive mental attitude and not let the little things get me down!

on a weird note i had a dream i was pregnant and was finding out they were twin boys. i was in a state of shock in my dream. that ain't cool! :)