Tuesday, August 28, 2007

crochet, hats, math and me

here is a huge shocker: i don't do so well with much beyond business math. if it is too linear i seem to not be too interested in it, like oh say....woodworking or building a bridge where your calculations must be perfect; no room for the wiggle. as someone from my past once put it ever so delicately to me, in math there is ONE right answer. something about that displeases me in a nails on chalk-board kind of way. much like the F i received in that algebra class after being tutored by someone who got a fucking A+. come on! who gets an A+ in math? pu-lease.

so, with making crocheted hats you really don't do math per se, you just keep regular count and for some reason either i am a.d.d. or just plain dumb (stfu! i hear you!) but it is really difficult for me. i loose track, get distracted...end up making too many of this stitch in this stitch or vice-versa which makes for one fucked up looking hat.

however, last night i dove in again and i made what could be the most (practically) perfect hat i have ever made! and my arm hurts from me patting myself on the back over it. if you actually read all this and are thinking so what, big deal what the hell is wrong with you...then you have no idea how big of an accomplishment this is for me, and you suck ;)! but on the other hand if you can relate then you understand this is huge for me. :) i am going to make that hat from the happy hooker, the one with the flaps and buttons? not for sale but just to follow the recipe (ha ha) for practice. then i think i want to change it up and make my own, perhaps without those little webby openings in the mid-crown. i like the ear flap idea...*thinks ahead to cold wintery weather*. brrrrrrr.