Friday, August 03, 2007

good times, bad times!

inside city hall's main building. these were hanging from the glass ceiling!
lyric and skate art, the one on tops says portland, oregon! sweet.
shawn looking like a statue :)

yesterday afternoon i took the girls downtown to check out finnegans toys and meet up with shawn at city hall for a skate demo and art show. had never been to city hall, so it was cool to see the rad building itself plus skate art. that was great, and on our way to sushi we noticed the car was acting like a bitch and sure enough we scraped the plans for dinner with hopes of just getting home. hoses with liquid burst, weird cowbell sounds from under the hood and as we got to our street the power steering blew! YAY! GOOD NEWS: it is a honda. a '85 honda and our next door neighbor has some and fixes them up real nice. hell, i have the book i could even fix some hoses. that is what i love about older cars that aren't computerized. you can actually FIX the problems cheaply rather than delve into hundreds with some shit they make to break and not really fix well in newer cars.

so, until we fix the ride that is what is going on around here! woot!