Sunday, August 19, 2007

never never on a sunday a sunday a sunday

on friday i had the weirdest attack/feeling and it prompted shawn to be worried enough about me to prompt me to get my ass to the dr. seems after all was said and done i am developing a good case of something called BPPV, a big fancy name for vertigo. although mine was from moving my head in such a way it dislodges and swirls the rocks in my inner ear around to clog up the tubes that help your body know what position it is in relative to gravity. weird huh? i thought so. now that i know i am not stroking out, dying or losing my mind i feel honestly much much better. next time it happens (this was actually the worst of them, the other times i chalked it up to head-rushing from getting up too fast or whatever. not so much the case, really) there are some maneuvers i can do that can alleviate the feeling of spinning. yay!

so, needless to say i have been taking it easy and trying to feel better. it made me really sick and i don't typically get motion sickness. plus I FREAKING LOVE things that go upside down and roller coasters and such so that just tells you how random and spinny it really was. not so fun in the middle of the night in the dark where you feel you are going to take a header in the bathroom and someone will find you dead in the morning. not so fun at all!

it is so funny, i always thought "vertigo" was something just in your head, and literally it is! it isn't just a mental thing. shawn got a kick out of saying there are rocks in my head...because there are very literally rocks in my head. nice!

on a good and positive note, i sent the ad and blurb off to readymade and now have a NEW level of anxiety to deal with. will my ad look lame, will i get any hits or sales? will i be laughed out of town? geez, i sure hope not. but, you is nerve wracking for me. actually this was a HUGE leap not even a first step in advertising. wtf am i thinking????? :))