Thursday, August 16, 2007

on the road to ready

i have to fax the paperwork to readymade today and i am really nervous. she said i have over the weekend to get the photo and the 10 word blurb to her which is cool, i didn't get a chance to do it last night so any extra time is great for me. i have a feeling hashing out the picture and the 10 word blurb is going to kill me! so, i have to go to kinko's for the earring cards i never made over the weekend since i really do need them by tomorrow night so i can fax her my info to save my spot in the gallery. while i am out, i am going to office max and i am picking up a good sized wipe off board.

i am happy to say that nfb has grown to the point that i need a big wipe off board to keep track of everything! woooohoooo! this is uh..good news? *wipes sweat*. yes, this is good news. if i have 5 local wholesale accounts there is no reason why i can't do more out of town, out of state, out of country. with holiday coming up i hope to be busier and really need to streamline a little. right now my organizational skills are uh...lacking. so what else is new? :)

so if the sun would make a debut this morning i can try taking some good pictures to consider sending in as my photo. i have no idea which item i should highlight. *sigh* it is just a product shot on white. *sigh* not my forte!

wish me lots of luck. oh and i am taking the written test for my oregon license tomorrow (yeah it has only been two years ha ha) and i of course have testing nerves for that. wouldn't it be funny if i failed? no. no, it wouldn't.