Friday, August 10, 2007

well you know my name is simon....

we named the kitten simon after a marmalade cat my sister had forever. he was cool, he would hold your hand with his paw and play fetch like a dog. this kitten is super frisky--making himself at home! he spits a bit less at the dogs today than yesterday so i imagine soon he will be riding around on their backs and running in their pack. the puppy really loves it, but rico not so much the LOVE, more like he would love to taste it just to make sure it is not one of his little stuffed animal toys.

tomorrow is the ETSY show, and surprise! i am unprepared. not really in inventory or change but mentally. my period is WIPING me out and the only symptom i am having, is the energy drain no matter what i do. i could seriously use some more sleep, but i got plenty last night. i just do not feel rested and i really really hate this feeling. anyway, the show is tomorrow hopefully i can catch a ride with mmmfiber since my car is kaput for the moment. i am sharing the tent with a gal who sells soap so that is always a good place to be. lets hope for the best on that one, i am seriously dragging ass all over the place.

enjoy the cute toddler-n-kitten pix. we were getting ready for bed and had some kitten snorgling time. poor kitty gets totted around by the neck--i keep saying NO NECK and try to show her how to hold by the body but i get a "no, mommy" and a toddler version of the *face palm*. i love trying to reason with a 2.5 year old! what joy that is! :))