Monday, August 13, 2007

happy monday!

i have some pictures of the ETSY show, but when i saw them posted they really look kinda bad so i will spare you my erronious point and shoot pictures. i could use a photography course! :)

let's see, highlights of the weekend are as follows:

~great show. the weather was perfect, sales were good, found a new wholesale account and made some new friends all in one fail swoop! i met jackie from scrumptious suds, my tent-mate who i must say had the best day of anyone i had ever seen at a craft show. she sold soaps and all her recipes are based off cake and cocktail recipes and she practically sold out in a few hours. i think i am in the wrong business ha ha!!! she was rad, and i am looking forward to hanging out with her more. she is having a potluck in the next month to discuss some type of collective with friends and i would love to get in on that action!

~breakfast in bed. shawn fully served me biscuits and vegan sausage gravy-IN BED on sunday and that was so nice. i lazed around watching trashy morning tv like the soup and whatever else was on the E channel. what a man!

~this kitten is so right at home. he frisks around and it is so freaking cute. i have to take a video of the cute so you can experience it too. it is too much for just me and the girls. it's so funny when you get a new family member--you look and all of a sudden they are there doing their thing and it is though you can't really remember how it was when they weren't there. the kitten is totally warming up to the dogs, too. the dogs want to play but simon sez NO still--and is just all "ffft" and halloween kitty. although yesterday i did allow the puppy to sleep on the bed with us and the kitty was ok with that. i want them to sleep together that is so cute to see. :)

~the car got fixed! woot! late last night the water pump was replaced and we are good to go. we still need a tune up and a muffler, but hey. i am stoked on the home garage action! plus our nice neighbor would not take our money, so he is my new best friend for major car emergencies. that was really nice of him and i should make him some cookies or something this week to show him our thanks.

~i designed three different earring cards and i am running out to pick them up today since i didn't get shawn to last night since he was working on the car. kinkos is right by me and you can email them the job and pick it up so i have got to get those today. i hope they don't look lame!

well, i hope everyone has a great start to their week. i have a lot of work to do for my meetings tomorrow (two shops in the afternoon to sell) and i should be posting some pictures later on when the sun comes out. i have two new scarves finished and i would love to post them on the sites.