Saturday, August 25, 2007

garden fresh

my garden produced some bounty up the wazoo! vine ripened tomatoes, zucchini and onions oh my! at least we won't starve :) also i have a loquat tree that is over ripened with literally pounds of loquats. i picked and ate some last night, but can only come up with either making jam or jelly with them or some type of cobbler. they are like a plum, so what else could i do with them? hmmm i really am not a jam-maker, but i certainly could give it a go.

in other news, i did finally get down to union rose and in other words here in portland yesterday afternoon. i really feel accomplished and will try and keep up the momentum. union rose took over 20 pendants and almost as many hairpins! i am really happy about that. in other words is a cute bookstore and resource center for women and i am happy to be anywhere near affiliated with them. if you are local, please stop by and check out these stores!

in other other news i am hoping this week will be productive and i plan to reup on some much needed supplies. i am pretty much out of everything except yarn. i have boatloads of yarn! i found a great website for ball chain ( how surprising!) and if i can't find any chain cheaper i will offer those for sale in the shops for pendants or whatever. they do have sterling silver too, which i personally would chose, but it is soooo spendy. i have to think about that investment (read: come up with the $$$).

shawn had a good birthday and we have had a really great three days together. i really love that man :p