Monday, August 20, 2007


i really want to go out to my friends bar tonight and check out pootie tang and dr. no on the big screen tv! hell, i can crochet there as well as i could home, eh? ha ha yeah right. we are having a house guest, a friend who is apt. hunting here in portland and needs a place to crash for a day or two so i probably could slip out for a few.

last night while i was doing dishes i got another attack and had to go sit down for a spell. that was weird for sure. i think i figured out the head motion, but i am not sure and i don't really want to try and recreate it because i get sick when it happens. i just have to try to keep my head steady and not whip it around much, while i do things like bend over.

also yesterday i dropped off my necklaces over at MOTOKITTY on division in portland! if you happen to be local, love handmade screen tees and pleather messenger bags moto yo' ass down to the shop and check it out! the list of where you can find never felt better locally is growing and growing! on weds i am going by the new new store called UNION ROSE and also IN OTHER WORDS. both you will find buttons, hairpins or pendants. so things are going really well on that front.

i have officially put myself "in production" (i love saying this!) to get ready for fall and winter sales. i have the readymade ad coming out and i have to get going in hopes things pay off. lots of crocheting, lots of soldering, lots of hairpins galore!

i am hoping to get down to the dmv this afternoon to take my written driving test but it is raining and gray and i am not too keen on going out at the moment. lets see if this mate and happy camper can help that attitude out at all. mate is some serious stuff, and i am not really used to the taste. it is acquired, and i haven't acquired a LOVE for it quite yet! :)