Wednesday, August 08, 2007

ok i lost a day somewhere!

yes, kids i went yet another day thinking it was the wrong day yesterday. i found out it was indeed tuesday around 5 pm and it really screwed me up! but, now that it is truly humpday the week is taking a busy turn.

there is another ETSY craft show downtown on saturday! this one is one, guaranteed not to be rained out ha ha and two, guaranteed to be mild and beautiful out. a grand slam. no rain and no rain!

here is my pending new stores list that will gell hopefully mid week for all three.

*UNION ROSE new account!
*IN OTHER WORDS new account!
*MOTOKITTY new account!


notice, the new store union rose. i actually burst out of my comfort zone and emailed them to see if they would be interested in a meeting, and they got right back with me and are interested in glass and fabric pendants and hairpins! woot! i actually reached out to a new store! this could be the start of something actually getting up the nerve to approach nerve-wracking stores here in town! i can think of a few that are intimidating in my mind. i have to get over that whole thing.....:))