Tuesday, July 31, 2007

ha ha more shows!

i responded to a bulletin on myspace from flappergirl on myspace about the holiday i heart rummage sale here in portland on december 2. she said she got the ok, but the booth cost was too high and she needed to share. well, she said yes and i am super excited about it! i have always wanted to do the seattle show, but could not justify the travel. so now they are coming here and i am STOKED! i will have more info since i just got this email just now and am probably jumping the gun but i am excited. that is good news!

also, alison from the sampler reached out and has a deal about september advertising if i contribute again. perfect kick in the ass for me since it has been months and i was thinking about contributing again but got side swiped by life :) also i will send something in to crafters for critters while i am at it (again, it has been TOO long since i have given anything). it gives me a month to work on what i can make a bunch of but still have NFB style and panash? ha. i said panash. do i have panash? ;)