Thursday, July 26, 2007

good morning sunshine!

i didn't wake up one time last night making this the first time in a LOOOONG while i slept uninterrupted. with at least 7 hours under my belt i am waking up, feeling good and ready to face the day. which already i can see is going to be filled with pendants ! :) last night i whipped these up. i like them. they are smaller, at 1" squared and 1/2 x 1 5/8" rectangles, both a thicker glass, too. as always made with random scraps of vintage fabric. woot!

also the girl's grams sent them a target card so we will probably go there today. doing the target thang, you know! the big girl loves the dollar isle and i want to price out a casserole dish. i really could use one for various reasons.

oh and last night as i was gathering blackberries from the yard i stepped on a bee and it stung the hell out of the ball of my foot. what a bummer. glad it happened to me and not the girls....IT HURTS like hell, even this morning each time i take a step. sorry bee, but dang!