Friday, July 27, 2007


as i sit here to reflect on my stress, i am trying to keep everything in perspective. other than carding some earrings and hairpins, make a sign, buttons and pendants tonight i am done. i will take care of all that by noon. then, i will pack everything up well, pack up my table and little granny cart in the car late tonight and viola. i have to get change at my bank this afternoon (the most important part, eh?) and have a relaxing dinner with the family tonight. a piece of cake!

so, i will finish my lovely cup of tea and get going. i won't update until monday i am sure with pictures of the weekend and hopefully great news and sales. :)

oh and thanks to vintage indie for contacting me and i will be participating in their august giveaway! check back for that and be sure to enter. you may get some good swag!