Sunday, July 01, 2007

oops i did it again

i made a quickie small ad for the pendants hoping to get some business this week.

i finished one more today and listed it. i had to order more glass slides, but i have the feeling i am going to have to find a wholesaler so i can find the best deal. i would like some actual slides for the length, but i enjoy the square sized as well.

i had the good idea to put a ribbon under glass, which added to the depth of the glass which meant i did not have the right thickness of foil which meant that i messed it all up to hell. but it is a cute idea, and will work when i get the right kind of foil soon. now i know about more 3-d objects and how to make them the same on each side. this one you can see the copper foil through the middle and it just looks bad. NOT for sale ha ha. :)