Saturday, June 30, 2007

good friday!

yesterday's sales were great! if you are in PDX you can find never felt better at PRESENTS OF MIND on hawthorne and 36th or you can visit their new website at they were so nice and took great interest in me and my stuff...i am really pleased and hope the relationship continues for a long time! i know they were looking for more types of pins and so i have a semi-custom order down the pike plus they liked my new glass pendants and asked for a quantity of those.
it was great. you can't really tell from the picture and the pattern on the table cloth, but this is their haul from yesterday. hurrah! :)) and then of course, me wearing the sample and my rack ha ha!

anyway, that gave me a lot of renewed confidence to take the time to make new accounts and get myself out there where i need to be. lets hope the confidence lasts for a bit.