Sunday, June 17, 2007

new ad!

here is my new ad for june/july. i rather fancy it :)

i went through my site and re-did some catagories. while i was at it i cleaned house a little as far as deleting sold items from view. i need to put older items on sale this week to truly clean house.

i am looking forward to the handmade bazaar in a month and i would like to have some new pins and earrings for it. plus new table displays are HIGH on my priority list. i need a fancy earring tree like you have never known. i have a lot of danglies that just don't do well on a card lying flat on a table. i also need a new table cloth, but i think i will make one out of oil cloth. there are some cute designs and they stand up to everything life throws at you at a show. :)

happy fathers day and have a great week!