Tuesday, June 26, 2007

oops! my lack of photoshop skills is showing!

i really wish i knew what all those buttons and bells and whistles on photoshop actually *do*...i could use a photoshop for dummies book!

today i am getting all my jewelry ready to take into a new store on friday called presents of mind here in portland. the gal is super sweet and asked specifically for jewelry after perusing my site so lets cross our fingers for a good first sale and a continuing relationship with them! i am also taking time since i have a sitter ha ha to goto my other two stores i have woefully neglected and see if i can't hawk some wares there as well. i need money for supplies like crazy.

so this week is all about new items (i am trying my hand at more glass pendants, the supplies are on route to me now) and also small crochet projects. i am jazzed, stressed and worried all in one! woot!