Tuesday, July 17, 2007

camera frustrations!

for some reason my camera is on strike from taking these hairpin's picture. the closeups are blurry and lame. i don't know what the problem is...i have tried in my lightbox, outside, inside...it just hates these. a lot. thinking my camera was crapping out, i tried to focus on something else and it did fine. well, whatever. i am not listing these anyways i just thought i would like a decent photo to show. blargh.

yesterday the girls and i went to our local community center pool. i keep saying it wasn't as skeevy as i thought it was going to be. we actually had a good time and are planning on going to this other one in SW that has swimming channels, a big sprinkler play place with a big frog sprinkler and a whirlpool. although today is cooler and sprinkling out it is supposed to clear up for the weekend. i love swimming and the girls had a blast and got very worn out. woot. meeee too.

i am tired tired tired today but i still have to work in some strength and core exercises. i signed up for sparkpeople.com and it is really good for me. i am now accountable to the internet gods my caloric intake and exercise. i feel forced to drink the minimum 8 glasses of water a day, too. i even got shawn to sign up heh heh. i think i prefer it over say, weightwatchers because it is just a log of what you eat and what you do with a reward system. i don't have to deal with points for food or anything, that does not appeal to me. plus it is vegan friendly and you can enter in your own food for the data bank for other people to use as well. so i have entered some analog meats and my brand of soymilk i use that weren't in there. it is pretty nifty. :))