Thursday, July 19, 2007

new opportunity

yesterday, i was contacted by a buyer at a small,local not for profit feminist bookstore that also carries crafts on consignment. i don't do much consignment but it would be cool to have a few items spread out and the potential for a little money here and there. gets the name out there for sure. i must be the laziest business owner on the planet. the last three stores i sell in have found me and approached ME. that would be a total of 4 of 5 over the last 12 months. the other one were friends and i just walked in on them because i could. now, this leads me to one, and only one conclusion i can draw from this. what would happen if ACTIVELY went out and sought out new stores. um....DUH. my genius hurts me sometimes.

OK. well, this passive style of being is coming to a stop. if i can force myself to pander my wares out and stop waiting for them to come to me...i might actually be on to something. the interest is there, but the cold-calling risk taking self confident part is there somewhere. i think.