Friday, July 13, 2007


so last night was awesome with a show of lightning and thunder we never got to see in california! i kept thinking some weirdo was taking flash pictures outside our window, until i heard the crash of thunder! it was really pretty and i wish i had gotten some good pictures but i couldn't get a good look at where the lightning was coming down. we had the nicest summer rain shower after that, and then it was over. today it is just gorgeous. not hot, clean from the rain and clear.

today i am babysitting for the afternoon, but i need to run some NFB related errands after they get picked up. i have some pendants already taped, and will try to churn out a few more before i solder tonight. i am in the mood i think, i have slacked majorly but am feeling in the groove!

no pictures today. nothing to show off! :)