Friday, July 06, 2007

it's baaaaaack

back by popular demand, the '07 version of the astroturf button. nothing screams summer better than those fake grass doormats you know you had growing up. or at least, you knew someone who had them. maybe you have one now. either way, this is my homage to tacky fake grass mats on the porch!

check out my garden of earthly delights, speaking of green! i have more zucks and tomats than i can shake a stick at. maybe i can make ratatouille (i actually have no idea what that is. is it just a stew of vegetables?). so far i have a jillion pears, loquats and blackberries to look forward to as well. what a haul it will be when it is ready to harvest :)

in other news... i ate shit on my bike last night and jacked up my knee. this was no fun, and it feels even worse today. i think there is a piece of asphalt stuck in the kneecap. weeeeeeeeeeeeee!