Monday, July 30, 2007

thank god no more shows until mid august

glad it's all over now. there was both good and bad moments for both days. mainly the good was i got another wholesale account at motokitty after cari gets back from vacation in mid august. also, i met the gal who contacted me from other words and she was stoked to see NFB stuff and we will get that going within the week. so TWO new stores confirmed which is great business. the bad: it was tortuously slow for the handmade bazaar and it was really kind of disappointing. there were a bunch of other shows going on and i suspect the locale had a lot to do with it. but, it was fun laughing with mmmfiber and seeing all the gals. so i really can't complain too much. over all i did OK and am honestly glad it is just OVER. next is the ETSY show on the 11th and then i am doing nothing until holiday. i am serious. i am craftshowed out!