Thursday, July 26, 2007

i am obsessing now!

i found a neat little tray at target for $6. woot! it fits the pendants nicely and i don't have to put rice down if i don't want to. which i don't really :) and i filled in the little red tray i spray painted and they fit perfectly! now i have a little wire necklace holder that i think i will spray paint red to match everything in a minute. also, notice the little price cards i made that i figured i would just make everything the same price for the sake of argument! all earrings are $8, pendants $15 ea or 2 for $25, and hairpins are $7. i can't be dealing with all different prices on these guys anymore. i just don't feel like doing the math, you know? ;) i am bringing my day of the dead skulls and also the little plaques too for a little side table. and there is all is. i really hope i have enough of everything for both shows. i mean, not that i think i will blow out of everything on day one (that would be both nice and bad) but i don't want a raggedy selection for day two either. ARGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGHGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hello stress, howya doing? ;)