Wednesday, July 25, 2007

craft fair readiness?

i thought it was weds yesterday, which means theoretically i should be ahead a day. but in reality i was just crazy ;) and now since it is truly weds, i am starting to panic slightly. above are pictures of some finished assorted earrings and hairpins plus a little stuffed chick pin i want to make a few more of since i think they are cute as hell, but in assorted fabrics.

yesterday we swam all afternoon and of course i shined the sunblock and am just a TAD pink today. but i say by tomorrow night this pink will turn into the st. tropez tan i thought i was getting yesterday, but was getting a burn instead :( but we had so much fun...the pool we went to was absolutely fabulous. two for tuesdays makes that a summer destination on tuesdays for a while!

ok, today i have some errands to run. mainly the stained glass store for some wider tape. i got some new glass pieces in different shapes for pendants but my foil is too thin and it won't work. but once i get that i can crank out oodles of new pendants! woot!