Monday, July 16, 2007

sun kisses

that is what my mom used to call my freckles! i seem to be getting a lot more of those "sun kisses" as summer goes on!

my latest endeavor of a little nickel-sized mirror pendant necklace. working on some matching earrings for those who like to be oh so matchy. :) i find it is harder to solder a rounded object (the metal gets gloopy and runs then dries funny before i can smooth it out perfectly, but PERFECT is not in my vernacular anyway so i don't even know why i said that!) but i have to keep practicing because i have a ton of marbles and rounded stuff that is beckoning me. beckoning i tell you!

it was a great mellow, lazy weekened. i started a new diet last week and i have lost TWO whole pounds already! so coupled with that and that pesky PMS i am having my energy is all over over the place. actually it is mostly low, but i workout today so i am hoping to recharge the ol' batteries a little. :)