Saturday, July 19, 2008


finally, it is the end of my week! tomorrow we are hitting up the bike shop to get my chain and rim for my aqua shwinn (did i spell that right lol) to make it a fixed gear. i am pretty excited! little lucy is getting the trailer treatment and lyric is proficient on a bike and has outgrown her old one. shawn's needs some TLC and we are OFF! i am eyeballing a bike rack for the honda for exploring. and if i am extra good i would love a little basket like my old bike that got stolen. so hopefully we can take care of that all in one day. me and my brood will be out and about in this, the most bicycle friendly-city in the US. with at least four more months of good weather i am ready to get riding! in sacramento i rode my bike everywhere with my friend elizabeth. we clocked our milage one day and we road 5 miles! in midtown that is a lot, i think. we pretty much hit up everywhere at least twice that day :) good times, good times.

monday:: monday is my tattoo! let's not forget what a treat this is for this mom of two, wife of one. ha. i cannot wait to post pictures...i am beside myself with joy! seriously. you have NO idea.

on a eyeglass related note, if you haven't heard of THIS website for innexpensive glasses, should check it out if you are in need. i am getting the red ones with big flowers on the sides, i think. SO CUTE!