Thursday, July 17, 2008

it's pizza night, kids!

i am extraordinarily tired tonight, so therefore it is pizza nite. i started feeling like i was about to pass out about 6 this evening, so i cut out an hour early. i really need to get my labs done--i will have to work on that this week. i don't think i can wait another two weeks. my thyroid hates me, you know. :) it probably hates you too, but it isn't in charge of you so you are gold. as for me--i am kinda fucked until the meds are right! oi vey!

however, in the good news department i am getting a new tattoo on monday! what you ask? well, poppies and sky...naturally! i can't wait. i so deserve this.

i am also on the lookout for a fresh baby model for my new little baby pixie hats...i love them and it is making me ovulate. weeeeeee! just what i need, huh?

my brain fog says that is all for now...there is more but i just can't seem to get it out right now.