Friday, July 25, 2008

august craftywonderland!

my appearances at craft shows here as of late has been dismally few and far between! but my happy ass will be down at craftywonderland early august. just in time for some baby hats to debut :)

so i have just enough time to finish up some new pendants and rework my table for a fresh new look. i need a new table cloth in the worst way and some new risers. time to start hunting for fun artifacts at the thrift stores! i could sew a table cloth but i don't think i have that much of one fabric. i am more of a scraparella, if you know what i mean.

my tattoo is scaberella, lol but still radiating beauty and love. *LOVE* i tell you! it is as if it was always there, scabs and all! ha. you know those old-timely mustaches that are all curly and full of villainy? i am plastering one on the ancient tattoo of my ex and me kissing, during happier times. his huge shnoz is perfect for a "you must pay the rent" curly villain 'stache! hilarious? yes. i crack myself up i tell ya. a fitting tribute remedy since a cover up is out of the question :)

between friend phone call catch up (i have at least four to do, with no less than two hours each LOL. we are a chatty bunch especially long distance!), craftshow readiness and keeping this house from bursting into flames--all while working full will be a busy week or two a head. i love that old recycled AA saying: one day at a time. but i like to keep a winking eye on the future, too.

ps. that cabbage patch model is my personal CP from the 80's. barry is his name, complete with pacifier and jogging suit and plastic tennis shoes. the diaper is a newer one, though. his yarn fro' is boofing out my baby hat to the max! i am still on the hot hunt for a newborn model but i thought this would be funny for now.