Sunday, July 20, 2008

bike rims are at a premium nowadays

no luck at any of the FOUR bike shops we went to today! but there is one more, and that will be a phone call first so not to waste time and effort. though we did pick up a bike for miss lucy and ever since about an hour ago she is a pro! with training wheels, of course :) still looking for one for lyric and of course, my rim and chain. who knew a 1971 schwinn (correct spelling today!) would be so problematic!

i forgot my morning pill today and have been a uber-space-case-to-the-max. good help me get through the rest of the day! lucky i am just relaxing and about to crochet while shawn makes lettuce wraps and cold tabouli. yumm! pictured are three finished baby pixie hats. working on a sage green one currently and i have some pieces cut for the sewn appliques. busy, busy...i am going to try and list one or two soon and i am also working on some pendants that i need to get to herbivore--i would have liked to have had them by tomorrow night since the tattoo place is right next door, but i don't know. i am uh...behind schedule LOL!

tomorrow at 5 is my tattoo! holy shit.