Monday, July 28, 2008

happy mondays

doing a lot of spring-like cleaning around the house today did my head a lot of good. i was physically cleaning, but my mind was a million miles away sorting through thoughts of how to get more organized with neverfeltbetter, getting ready for the upcoming craftywonderland and how to wrap up little unfinished projects here and there i have laying around. it was a good day to play catch up with far away friends...i miss them so much but hearing their voices and listening to their words did me just fine :)

now i turn my attention to my craft table, which over the course of the week has become a catch all for a bunch of crap i didn't put there. or maybe i did and don't remember (it has been that kinda week lol)...either way, i have some new plastic bins i need to utilized for fabric organization and such. i have so much i can't find anything! i don't know what i have anymore.

i am looking forward to some new fabric brooches and fabric covered pins, as well as some new pendants for the show and listing on and etsy, and i think i will pull out some older necklaces to see if i can't take better photos now i have a new camera (yay, i am loving my little nikon!). perhaps just some TLC around the house, and shops will get my mojo moving again. that and some good vibes and a nice glass of merlot...LOL