Wednesday, July 16, 2008

i really can't believe....

that it has been THIS long since i have written...feels like blogger has eaten some of my posts. i have felt like such a space-case this last few weeks. could be my thyroid, huh? could be busy full time hours. could be i am just a slacker! who knows, throw a dart it could be any of those and more! :) i have been slammed with reality and working full time (just for the summer, then i go back to pt thank god), weekend stuff with the family and trying to somehow not collapse in exhaustion while figuring out how to squeeze in any room for creativity.

hmmph! it isn't working every well, this much i know. my initial thyroid meds aren't really working and i need to deal with that asap-but that is only half of it. i have in the last few weeks tried like the dickens to get off the floor and make some new items for NFB, which i have started to do. plus i stopped into herbivore yesterday and had a nice talk with michelle about life, being busy, being overwhelmed and the balance. i really have neglected all my stores but i made plans with her for some more pendants and also a FAT winter/holiday order which if i was smart i would literally begin working on now since a lot of scarves are involved! the whole thing gave me some creative juice to flow upon.

anyway i am going to try and write more starting now, it is good for me! :) i am working on some crocheted headbands, and i have listed a few things lately. plus now i have to get some pendants for herbivore and also union rose. i am trying to get everything sorted out and that is half the battle.

happy wednesday!