Friday, July 18, 2008

happy friday!

gentle reminder: be sure and pamper yourself sometime this weekend--take a nap, take a walk, get a haircut, get a tattoo...or hell, do all of those things! don't think about it, DO it.

as for me--it isn't quite my friday yet. so i have big expectations for my weekend. along with the aforementioned activities, i will be doing some crocheting and sewing for sure. these things relax me, allowing me to regroup. allow me to rustle up the energy and attack the week/or life in general. there is an energy crisis going on, and i don't mean fossil fuel or greedy politicians fucking me in the ass over it. no, my friends...this is my own personal energy crisis that right now is purely *mind over matter* at this point. because if i allowed myself to feel like i want to feel i would be letting my little family down. they need me so, LOL. i would be tucked ever so nicely in my comfy bed with my sleep mask and fan going. ALL DAY LONG!

so, as i forcefully make myself do what i need to do for the rest of the night to come to a mellow close, i say to you: happy friday! i hope you had a great week, and that you will continue on in that fashion. me, well i am doing just alllllright. no surprises, no drama, no fantasy about how life is.