Wednesday, July 23, 2008


endorphins are so cool--a welcome change from the pure exhaustion as of late! my ode to neverfeltbetter tattoo is almost done, one more gruelling session and i am done! :))) and it is making me very happy.

other than this joy, i am trying to crochet and start/finish some pendants, work on our stuff around the house, enjoy the weather. i LOVE our weather right now: cloudy and coastal hoodie weather until about 2pm then it burns off to gorgeous and warm sunshine. if it stayed like this forever it would be perfect. so, for this week, just basically keeping busy and enjoying it along the way.

i did finish one more baby hat, this one is a nice sage green with little brown dots...i am not getting good pictures though so no listing yet!

insider: i don't get it. why have a blog if if is private when you have NO friends or readers? if that is the case i suggest you whip out the ol'fashioned paper diary, hon. (are you there god? ha ha) since it is all cow-crap anyway why so secretive? you know we are all just *dying* to hear about all the peace, love and secrets to mothering you can impart on us all...LOL...! :)