Wednesday, July 30, 2008

the dumpster gods smiled upon us yesterday

we scored bigtime with some free furniture! a wooden toy chest that doubles as a bench and most fantastically a perfect computer desk that blows our old clunker out of the water. it is black and silver and in perfect shape. can we get a what-what for free finds? yes, yes we can. ;p

i finished up a headscarf last night and got almost through another minus one tie, so that will be finished up tonight. i made some cute little seagull appliques for them, and a couple more for some soon to be finished baby pixie hats. dusted off the ol' sewing machine for these LOL. found the inspiration and fabric for some sleep masks, i just need to go to the fabric shop for some cotton batting. i don't have any to recycle laying around. i use my sleep mask nightly, and would love to share that joy it gives me! seriously.

whilst digging around in trash, ha ha, i picked out some crazy photograph negatives that depict what looks like a 70's vacation with old people. totally random, and PERFECT for some new soldered pendants! as well as some weird plastic net...those are on the soldering block, will probably be finished later in the week. i need to pick up more connectors for the ball chain for necklaces somewhere, too. i have run out and i have many many feet of ball chain on a spool! necklaces for days :)