Friday, June 04, 2010

*vegan fascinators*

ginghambirdband, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
this weekend is all about sewing. making more vegan bird fascinator/headbands and i am going to try to have at least 10-15 pint cozies to choose from. that's a lot for me lately, but i am a clutch crafter and one week is not a lot of time from tomorrow until 2nd saturday. i need to grab a couple new camping chairs and one of those spray bottle misters with the fan...the temps are making me uber-miserable (i spent half the day in a sweater, then half the day in a pool of sweat. temperature intolerance is something new thank you thyroid*, although i always bitched about being hot or how hot it is in sacramento before...this time i really mean it!). i am excited about new items...i am interested to see if the pint cozies move at all. i would buy one! ha!

heat and bitchiness aside, i am really looking forward to this month's show...the sacramento gay men's choir is going to be there! i have always wanted to see them :) come down if you are local and check it out. 21st and k st in sunny midtown sacramento from 6-10pm. it's very kid friendly!

*speaking of my thyroid it's giving me trouble... the dr. called just today on my labs and my meds are being adjusted {again}. hopefully i can find some relief in the next month and a half until the next labs. it's a certain kind of misery, having thyroid disease. i don't wish it upon my worst enemy. lucky for me i seem to have found a dr. who is caring and has a handle on the new ranges of "normal" etc. she is really open to hearing me out and that 's cool with me. feel free to reiki me some healthy vibes. i could use them!

happy friday night!