Wednesday, June 09, 2010

*purdy burdys*

stack o' birds, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.

i am loving these epic-style naps mr. j has been taking. as i did yesterday, i made actual progress again today! not virtual progress, but actual 90% finished product progress. these birds are going to be affixed to their respective headbands tomorrow {then after saturday hopefully respectfully affixed to a cute girl's head lol}. now i turn my eye to making more pint/coffee cozies--a trial item that i have not offered before but heck...i use one that i made every day when i drink my morning pint of coffee. you need one too, i'm sure. they are pretty cute. so, then i feel very VERY prepared for saturday's craft show. not just a little but VERY VERY VERY prepared. all i need is some customers and great weather, and i'll be set. :)

{i am easy to please.}