Tuesday, June 08, 2010

*busy naptime*

sewn birds, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
i got to clean/organize my craft studio {how does it get so messy when i haven't been back there for some time?}, and sew 5 birds for headbands. everything is set up for me to jump back any time after jasper goes home for the night...but there is no telling if i am going to have any energy to do so. i am feeling out of gas for the day unless i get a second wind.

i am happy with what i did do so far, it's pretty awesome to be sewing and doing stuff again and feeling on-schedule. i am going to be able to crank out everything i need too before 2nd saturday's craft show. i am happy, but physically i feel drained. some people i have been in contact with have been viral recently: i REALLY HOPE I AM NOT GETTING SICK AGAIN. {sorry for the shouting, i am just so adamant about that, it's not even funny.} getting sick on average of every 6 weeks is not really working for me and my active lifestyle lol. no, seriously it's not working for me. at all.

cheers to more productivity! after all, tomorrow IS another day. {said in my very best scarlett o'hara impression}