Tuesday, June 29, 2010

*TCB baby*

signage1, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.

so do i keep the name 'never felt better' or what?* :)

so far today, i am having a heaping sense of accomplishment from
a) making a pot of coffee,
b) getting my youngest out the door for her movie playdate and
c) getting my credit report (not free by the way, fuck those commercials) and rectifying some of the more fubar/old/stupid negatives. there are not as many as i thought (didn't know what to expect), and i actually found one i have no knowledge of what it *is* (looking into that one, lol).

now, if i wanted to get all CRAZY i would finish up my business plan to show to the landlord at the space. i would be subletting from melissa but still the guy needs to know what's going in his property. i think i can give him a pretty good idea from what i have so far. but it needs a lot of tweaking and to actually be typed. ha.

i suppose in the spirit of "taking care of business" i will allow some time in the afternoon to work on the plan. it's kinda important, afterall. and in the spirit of summer, i will also allow for some swimming time for myself. booyah!

*so. seriously. do i keep the name, or change it up? what to do? WHAT TO DO? :))