Monday, June 28, 2010

*don't dream it, be it*

may flowers in the yard, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
it's one thing to labor and over-think something in your mind, while it's a whole separate ball game to speak it out loud and make it real.

i have been presented with a wonderful business opportunity, and frankly the ability to live the dream: our dream. shawn and i are going to take the plunge into running our own vegan accessories shop above sugarplum vegan on kst in midtown. i am lovingly calling it the "vegan gift shop" because well, it will have what you need and what your friends and family want to get you :) i have had the opportunity to shop at portland's vegan mini-mall and sacramento needs a vegan one stop destination to support the vegan community here. the location is perfect, the clientele is perfect, the timing is perfect.

lovingly, we will offer vegan cookbooks, accessories such as belts, wallets, bags, dog treats and food, handmade goods from vegan artists/crafters, soaps, AR related goods (tee's, buttons etc). we have a covered patio and band area for speakers, music, craft shows, fundraisers and more. the possibilities are endless :) everyone is pretty much over the moon with excitement but i am nervous as fuck! yikes! there is also space i would like to rent for studio space perfect for silk screening/soap making or some other art/craft.

we are tossing around names and have a couple we like more than others. more to come there, as it all happens. i am taking suggestions of course!

if all goes well i am shooting for a soft late sept. opening. just in time for the holidaze...

*rolling up my sleeves--this is going to be a labor of love. and i am ready to get this love-fest GOING!*