Sunday, June 13, 2010

*2nd saturday wrap-up*

bird headbands galore, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
yesterday was an amazing day. lucy was invited to a classmates birthday party and we went to a park we had never been too out in rancho cordova to attend. it was wonderful to see her with her friends from school and all the kids had a great time :) i also got to speak with other parents of children with varying levels of autism and compare a bit of notes. the park was...nice...but nothing to write home about, nor travel to rancho for on a regular basis. strangely we saw a HUGE gathering of muslim people (we saw a full burka clad woman--don't see that everyday.) who were doing a bbq. then here comes a goat led to the group on a rope. i said a big AWWWWW (goats are awesome) but then shawn let me know it was about to be slaughtered. literally, they were loading in hella bbq's and butcher blocks. is that even legal at a community park? NOT COOL if you ask me, i don't care who you are. if there wasn't at least 400 people in the party i would have considered a liberation maneuver. we were sorely outnumbered! {rip cute goat, i am really trying to convince myself you were the "family pet" but it's not working.}

then we had a brief respite before we had to load up and be down to set up for 2nd saturday. this month's was the best so far--the music was great and it was VERY busy! i have to say i had a honest organically good time i have had in a while. geared me right up for next saturdays new midtown bizaar. :)

for the better part of the afternoon we have all set up the pool. we got the girls scrubbing it clean and helping daddy with the poles of the pool construction. {i am seeing the value of the newer pools that have no poles, but this pool has served us well. it may be kind of a pain to put together, for the most part is a work horse. no holes yet, knock on wood!} hopefully the pump holds out another season...but it may have to be replaced. it's a small price to pay for the kids (ahem, my) fun in the summer sun.

happy saturday!