Monday, June 21, 2010

*fathers day weekend wrap-up*

shawn, originally uploaded by neverfeltbetter.
happy first day of summer! maybe today will be warm enough for an adult swim :) {the kids get in that water at sub arctic temps like little polar bears}.

saturday was the midtown bazaar which was so. very. early. in the morning, it gave me pause for my aspirations to be a farmer. that would never work out for me and my sleep schedule! the event was early, it was unseasonable cold and the cover band hurt my ears but i sold some and it was worth my while. i am not sure if i will be doing that again but if i do i will bring more than just NFB things--it was very flea-marketish with the mix of goods available.

sunday shawn and i took lucy to see toy story 3 which was adorable. lyric was with her family in woodland so we are going to try and go again to the drive-in while it is still in theaters for her. lucy wore her cowgirl hat and took jessie and woody with her to watch the movie. it was very cute to see her excited! i think he had a nice daddy's day, i think he is #1 dad, just like the tee shirt says LOL. then before dinner he and lucy did some skating at their new skate spot near our house of which i got some super cute pictures.  lucy did some new tricks!

the whole weekend was a good one, i spent a lot of time with the garden, scooping bugs from the pool and getting things mentally in order. we have two separate families coming down from portland staying with us this week and weekend, so the general frenzied housecleaning will commence. also i have to go down to merced for business on weds, possibly thursday so things could not be more hectic this week. {yay? though it is always nice to see friends from stumptown...goddamn i miss pdx!}

happy monday!