Tuesday, September 11, 2007


i found the little boy to match my little girl for my bathroom decor today at the thrift store and i feel strangely complete now :) you know how you pick up something that you think is missing it's mate but buy it anyway? that was with the little naked-butt girl. now i have her little naked-butt boyfriend to match. now my bathroom is stylin'!

i have got to do some crochet work tonight, i seriously have been slacking. i don't know if it is the sunny weather; feeling like it is the last blast for summer or what but i don't feel like sitting around crocheting much ha ha. or doing anything, actually! although tomorrow i have a date to sell at presents of mind. more hairpins...more and more. i will bring some pendants to see if they are interested now...i don't have the necklaces for them. they are on my to-do list for supplies. :)

other than that, not too much going on the NFB front. i will get word from the iheartrummage kind folks by friday if i get a spot for the sale. apparently they were overwhelmed with apps and had to cut some folks. i will letcha know, but i am crossing my fingers. i would really like to do that sale!