Wednesday, September 26, 2007

minor hamster emergency

cookie got out of her cage last night and had to face the kitten all by herself while we slept. i think the kitty got a hold of her because i found her scared shitless behind my fabric stash with a little wound to the back of her neck. i took her to triage (aka my kitchen) and patched her up the best i could but i hope she pulls though...i feel like a jerk but tomorrow we are ponying up $350 for lucy's dental surgery and i don't think i can justify taking from that to take cookie to the vet. i am just holding vigil over her to see what goes on. at least i found her after lyric went to school--she would heartbroken to see her and i don't want her to blame the kitten for doing it's kitty job. let's just hope and pray cookie lives another day to a ripe old age of 2 or 3 for a hamster!

on a completely different note i listed some new pendants i made last night which came out rather nicely. i am digging on the menswear patterns and also that crazy red doll body part fabric :) the purple bunny fabric has resurfaced from last year, when i made some pouches and buttons out of it. i love it a lot! jumping can't really go wrong there. :)